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27 May 2013 @ 04:38 pm
26 August 2012 @ 06:46 am

Years ago, probably 2009 which means about three years ago, I first listened to song 【JUST BE FRIENDS】by Megurine Luka, composed by Dixie Flatline. The song was such a spot on, it grows on me on first try and no matter how many times I listened to it, it always left me with depressed feelings, sadness, down-ness, frustration, annoyance, and all kind of heartbroken feelings. The song; the melody, the lyrics, they're all beautiful, like all Japanese song, a little bit nonsensical at first but the meaning behind them are deep. I cannot list down my favorite part from the song, because maybe I'll end up listing the song from the very beginning to the end, but 【サヨナラ、愛した人、ここまでだ、もう振り向かないで、歩き出すんだ;これでお終い】is probably my most favorite if I had to choose one. There's just something, something that rings deep sadness and pure happiness at the same time from that line. I've never been heartbroken before, I had unconfessed feelings, yes, but they're not the same with heartbroken. No matter how beautiful this song is, I wish this will never happen to me, never, ever.

Another intersting part of this song, the part that I'm sure catches everyone eyes, are the MV. The MV is simple with not much effect, much like slideshow and very simple at that. The drawing is clean, not many details, simple, yet enchanting, and it managed to deliver the feeling of the song very well. The usage of mute colour like grey, white, black, with Luca's pink hair added a melancholy atmosphere. The sequence of pictures showed how the two characters, soon to be former lovers, changed after times; the uneasiness, the sadness, the doubt between them, surprised feelings, anger, disappointment, and moment of happiness, in short 5:06 minutes, we receive all these feelings at once, both from the song and the video.

Just yesterday, I found out that there is a sequel of this song when I was browsing tumblr. I immediately checked on youtube and found this song called 【answer】. I, who was having such high hope for this song, was a little bit disappointed since Yunomi is no longer the illustrator but someone else named Mogelatte. Not that Mogelatte's drawing is bad, but it kinds of killed the atmosphere a little. Everyone had already related JBF with Yunomi's arts which is packed in JBF Remix album jackets, and to change it into someone else's, for me, kills the mood. The song itself wasn't as epic as JBF but it's good and it grows on me after several times repeat. Now I realized the song has similiar mood with JBF but, I don't know how to say it since I do not understand music, but it feels like Dixie Flatline, the composer, tweaked the original song a little, try listening to both 【JBF】and 【answer】at the same time, you'll get what I mean.

Overall it's a good song, not as heartbroken and bittersweet as the prequel but this sequel definitely a must hear, especially if you love 【JBF】so much.
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: Answer - Megurine Luca
06 August 2012 @ 06:43 am
My short term has finally ended. It was short yet long two months, filled with me reading lots of books and discovering lots of thing about world history, I can say it's one fine and fun lesson. I really like my lecturers for these lessons, they're the kind of lecturer who doesn't just 'lecture' but drilling lots and lots of information and knowledge into me, if I were to be a lecturer that surely I'd like to be like them.

Study aside, I finally have my holiday though it'll be short, less than a month but I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can. And I've finally chosen a way to enjoy it. Ever since I started college, my way of enjoying holiday is by finishing PS3 game, but since I'm kind of short on cash right now, I choose not to play PS3 game but Visual Novel, yes, a Visual Novel, Muv Luv Alternative to be exact. I didn't know anything about Muv Luv until I watch the anime, Muv Luv Alternative and despite being sceptical at first (boobies everywhere), the show managed to get into me. The action, the gore, the mechas, the characters, the storyline, it fits to my taste. Maybe I've mentioned before about my difficulties in finding what show to watch each season. Even if everyone said it's good show (like AnoHana) but if it didn't sit well with me then I'm dropping it. For last season (spring) it's Sankarea, Hyouka, and KuroBasu. I did watch KuroBasu but I dropped it somewhere on 5th episode. Sankarea is too soft and gooey (?) for my liking and even if Hyouka had wonderfully brilliant animation, it didn't click with me, maybe it has something to do with the pacing. This season it's Jinrui, TariTari, KokoroConnect, and Arcanna Famiglia. The later was dropped the immediate moment, I know exactly what it'll be like. My sis said it's going to be likeable in few more episodes but I just can't bear to watch it. 

Back to Muv Luv, I just can't not like it after the 2nd episode. Sure the 1st episode was kind of boring and dragging me along but fast paced at the same time, I can barely understand what's going on until the 2nd episode, however when the real story started on 3rd episode, it easily picked up my interest. Now it's Mawaru Penguindrum and Aquarion EVOL all over again, whenever the ED song starts, I just cannot wait for the next episode. The game is pretty much the same, it's linear so whatever choice I make doesn't make difference to the ending but at least it's not Kara no Shoujo, urgh, yes, I love Kara no Shoujo but I DESPISE the ending, so much. It has 50 hours gameplay, packed with actions, romance, drama, and gore, yes, GORE. I'm on my way to the first actually, the scene where ******'s brain is eaten by BETA. As for my favorite character, it's definitely Kasumi. I have this thing for character like her; twin-tailed and innocent-looking. I just can't resist her and her big clueless blue eyes and her manner of speaking, yes, it has something to do with her manner of speaking too.

Another interesting thing about this game is its historical reference, somehow I find it funny since I was taking World History Class while watching/playing this, I wonder if this is mere coincidence or (the usual) turn of fate? In the game, almost all Eurasia had been destroyed by BETA, only Great Britain and Japan were still intact. On the other hand, America was virtually untouched. See the reference with World War here? In all World War, both 1st and 2nd, America was left untouched as well, they only damage their country took was the attack to Pearl Harbour. Other than this, there's many other reference like racial issues and ideology, mostly Japanese and American's ideologies. 

I'd like to talk more about this amazing game but this very same amazing game is begging to played right now, see you later, folks.
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31 July 2012 @ 05:29 am
AFA ID will be held at 1-2 September this year, I didn't want to go at first until this morning imoutohan told me AKINO aka. BLESS4 will be there at the first day. I really didn't know what to, I already made my purchase with the exact same amount of the ticket this week for my dream dress (I've been waiting to buy that dress for almost a year). But after thinking that this is once in a life time chance, and the concert is one day short from my birthday....okay, this is my birthday present for myself.

So I bought it.

God BLESS4 me.